Crimson Company
Motto: Pour Dieu et le Roi

The word crusade literally means "going to the cross."

There is a long history of the crusades, starting in 1095 with the last Latin outpost falling in 1291. There were at least 8 recorded crusades within this nearly 200 years, with a gathering of fighters from all classes, and all nationalities, with the binding force being Christianity. In the Crimson Company, that binding force is service to the Crown of the East.

Crimson Company TowerThe Crimson Company is a group of combatants, artisans, and 'aide de camps' brought together under the head of the Company, Sir Gareth Grey de Wilton to fight against the enemies of the Kingdom of the East. These are not necessarily people whose persona is that of a crusader, nor do they have a common time frame or nationality. As you will see on the people page, they come from various backgrounds, and various ages, all for one common goal, to serve the Crown.

Here you will find talented artisans applying their crafts to beautify and enhance the culture of the East. As well, warriors from various cultures and regions have united together to answer the call of Their Majesties of the East for soldiers to train and fight. Many strong combatants have already answered that call, but still the Crimson Company searches for more to bolster its numbers to stand with the other warriors of the East. Will you be one of them?